WE PROPOSE YOU - "Marea Baja" apartaments

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We propose a series of essential visits during your stay in our apartments.

In a radius of less than 5 kms, be sure to visit:

Poo Beach: N43,42958 W4,78354   (map)

The walk of San Pedro:  N43,42436 W4,75634 (map)

The port of Llanes with the "cubes of the memory" of Ibarrola: (map)

The old town and the wall of Llanes: (map)

The Boriza viewpoint: N43,41006 W4,71163 (map)

The PorrĂșa ethnographic museum: (map)

The coastal path between Poo and Celorio: N43,43131 W4,80848  (map)

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